General Equine Wellness

Equine General Wellness

About General Equine Wellness

Your horse’s health and happiness are our priority. Preventative care is the key to success.   Yearly dental examinations and bi-annually vaccines are the foundation to your horse’s wellness.  Fecal exams and Coggins tests are recommended.


The core vaccines are EE WE Tetanus Rabies and West-Nile. These are offered in a single vaccine, and we do this one once a year. For the second vaccine of the year, we recommend EE WE Tetanus and West-Nile.

The second vaccine we recommend is the Flu/Rhino combination. We recommend this vaccine biannually.

We are partnered with Idexx Laboratory and can provide a wide range of laboratory services.


We offer whole mouth balancing performance dental floating. We recommend an exam at both of bi-annual visits, however most horses, only once a year floating is necessary for maintenance. We offer wolf teeth extractions, molar extractions, and dental x-rays.


Fecal exams are our recommendation for individualized de-worming. Fecal Exams should be done at both bi-annual visits.

Equine Infectious Anemia

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is commonly called Coggins Test. This is a simple blood test which is good for one year from the date drawn.

We are a USDA accredited veterinarian. We can provide both Interstate Health Certificates as well as International Health Certificates.